Caravane Brown Velvet Lumbar Pillow

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Product Description

The Caravane Brown Velvet Lumbar Pillow will add style to any interior. Made from velvet linen, the fabric combines the naturalness of linen with the softness of velvet. Perfect for punctuating the decor.

Made by Caravane.

The story of Caravane first began in 1995 when a new concept of decoration was invented. As Véronique Piedeleu—who, together with her husband, Jack-Eric, has been at the helm of Caravane since 2011—recounts, ‘Françoise Dorget created a strong style, one that continues to this day.

Since then, the Caravane house has broadened its horizons even further. Each and every destination was discovered following a chance encounter or an intuitive hunch.